Main Services

Nevhutalu Consulting Engineers provides a spectrum of services to the Clients and they are such as Feasibility Studies, Engineering Design Detailing and Specifications, Contract Documentation, Project Management and Construction and Quality Management. With a staff complement, which includes Professional Engineers, Technicians and CAD Operators, Nevhutalu Consulting offers competence in the following disciplines:.

Civil Engineering

Earthworks, Roads and Stormwater Drainage Pump stations and Pipelines Sewerage Reticulation and Pumpstations Sporting Facilities Township Services (Water, Sewer, Roads and Stormwater) Water Supply, Reticulation and Storage Quality Inspection Rural and Urban Roads

Structural engineering

Basic Structural Engineering Services Elevated Reinforced Concrete Towers Grand Stands High and Low Rise Buildings Reinforced Concrete (General) Water Retaining Structures Remedial Structural Work Structural Masonry (repair and design)
Structural Steel Work

Project Management

Practice of Initiating,
Controlling and
Concluding work done by the team to achieve spcific goals and
meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

Our Agents

Thomson Nebotalo

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