Our Activities

We are a Civil Engineering company that develops specific plans of diffferent structures such as roads, bridges, and other projects. Their goal is to make sure that the design is implemented and the project itself is built according to all specifications and restrictions.

Feasibility Studies

Assessment of whether the proposed project/plan is practical enough.

Engineering Design

Method that is used by the civil engineers in the company to identify and be bale to solve problems. Common Attributes include: Process, Purpose, Constraints, etc.

Detailing and Specifications

Ensures that method statements and specificatios which are undertaken on a project-by-project basis to meet the project requirements, provide detailed descriptions.

Effort and Cost Estimates

Estimates the cost of the job, plus the fees, and all other costs that could be incurred.

Other Actitivies:


A client consults a civil engineer seeking an opinion of certain engineering problems. Consultations may be short/long, depending on the area and the time of the consultant.


Consultations require study/investiagtion which involves analysis and simple documentations, and at times field trips. Investigating may take place for equipment and structures. May involve: a review of studies, reports, investigations, communications, prepared by other engineers or by a clients management.


The consulting engineer normally helps clients to select contractors and with the purchase for materials for contracts. Engineer prepares the contract document with drawings and specifications.


Nevhutalu Consulting Engineers offers competence in the following disciplines:

Civil Engineering

Includes earthworks, roads, stormwater, pipelines, etc. in both rural and urban sectors.

Nevhutalu Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineering

Includes designing of structures such as buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc.

Nevhutalu Consulting Engineers

Project Management

Making sure that any construction project which takes place does not have a negative impact on the environment before, and after it akes place.

Nevhutalu Consulting Engineers